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> > Don't know about these things, though I haven't read the whole book. A
> > little disappointing, though not unexpected. I know a guy who works on
> > Closed Ecological Life Support Systems, including implementing
> them in his
> > own home, who talked with Zubrin about his ideas in my
> presence, and Zubrin
> Cool! What is he doing in his home derived from the CELSS work?

First, he's (Terry Kok) part of the life-support taskforce in the Mars
society ( You
can find him scattered throughout these pages. As far as I know, he has
first taken himself off the water grid by using a series of hydroponic plant
beds to filter his water. I don't know the details, but he says he is
completely off the grid and running at sufficient efficiency to only need a
water tank refilled about every 6-8 months. He is working on power
generation, but due to funding and light considerations (he lives in
Indiana), he hasn't been so succesfull. He's learned a bit about the
systems by enduring a crash or two, but he's humming right along now. I can
email him for more specifics, if you want. He also is researching the
implementation of CELSS work in colonies by testing out his own system. He
gets pretty in-depth, using sensors and such to test chemical concentrations
of the system. He grows a bit of his own food, as well


> steve

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