Re: Bitten by NIMBY, CA power system goes socialist...

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 21:38:12 MST

Max More wrote:

> It's frustrating to hear about the "failure of deregulation" when the
> failure was not in markets but in political intervention (apart from the
> above, that includes refusing to allow construction of more power plants).
> Max

Roger that. Taxifornia didnt really deregulate the industry. By
keeping regulations on the prices power companies could charge,
and by the regulation on new power stations, which is in effect
controlling the supply, the Taxifornia government demonstrated
ignorance of the most basic laws of macroeconomics. By controlling
both the supply and price, they are now reduced to a pathetic
effort to urge people to use less, which is a feeble attempt to
control demand! Of course that will fail. Anyone who is tempted
to vote for Davis for president in 04 or 08, please remember this
incident. spike

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