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Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 16:21:46 MST quoted:

> Born in October, the male monkey carries a tiny extra bit of DNA in a gene
> introduced as a marker that can be seen under a microscope because it glows
> green, researchers at Oregon Health Sciences University said.

Ha! I predicted it several years back when I first heard about
phosphorescent mice! I'm becoming a futurologist! Oh dear, that isn't
good at all... :-)

I found it interesting how negative the comments were. Even taking
into account that people like to be cautious and are not as optimistic
as we generally are, they sounded extremely negative.

I guess that genetic modification of primates will not become a big
thing for some time yet simply due to the cost and slow generation
time. Mice and yeast is much more useful for research. What they will
be useful for, and this is perhaps what deeply worried the commentors,
is that we need it for testing out changes we might want to do in
humans. It is the hint of application that worries them?

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