One day, we'll take over the world...

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Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 14:28:29 MST

One day, we'll take over the world...
 Dyslexia didn't stop Ben Way from making a fortune in the communications
industry before he was 20, says Cassandra Jardine
"I have heard of various cures, but, oh God, I would never want to rewire
my brain.
"It isn't about having a good visual imagination, or becoming good at
extracting the essential point to make up for poor short-term memory. I
can describe what I mean only by telling you what it feels like when I
have an idea.
"One week of every month I'm awake most of the night, thinking. Sometimes
I can feel myself having an idea, intense activity on both sides of my
brain and then, 'whoosh', it all comes together like a whirring candyfloss
machine, turning in my head, making connections from all over the place.
In an hour, I find I can see the solution to a problem.
"Once or twice, I have found myself having an idea so powerful that it is
a truly bizarre feeling. On both occasions, I have had the idea that has
been the basis for my next business."

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