Re: FLAME: Joe Dees and Russell Whitaker STOP IT!

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 10:13:24 MST

>From: Harvey Newstrom <>
>Russ, it is not necessary for you to post instruction on how to
>filter Joe Dees. This is inflammatory and unprofessional.

Actually, Harvey, posting instructions on how to filter
anyone one's self is useful technical information for those
who bother to implement it. I've already had more than
one person privately thank me for posting it. Far better than
if I'd decided to whine about his posting; those who want
to listen to him, can, those who don't, can simply shut him
out of receiving anything from him.

Should make everyone happy, yes?

>Joe, even if you are joking, it is not appropriate to deliberately
>fake quoted material from other posters.

It was predictable: showed up in my shuntfile for him.
Amusing and worth keeping.

>The topic of G U N S is not banned from the list, but your immature
>flamewars about G U N S is specifically prohibited by the list rules!

Who's flaming whom? Look back on the bulk of my _guns_
messages, you'll find them lighthearted banter about particular

>Grow up or get out!

Harvey, you're at least technical enough to implement your
own version of filtering against me (having your own
domain is partial evidence of that). Feel free to adapt
my filtering rules - I get paid a fair bit of money to do
it professionally, but you're welcome to it free - and
make sure you have the pattern match right (Joe flubbed it):

:0 # or :0: depending on the locking rules for your MDA
^ From:.*

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