Star party? - Re: ASTRO: recc.: Meade ETX-60AT Astro Telescope?

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 22:22:09 MST

>Russell Whitaker wrote:
> > I've never owned a decent amateur optical telescope,
> > but am interested in picking one up.
> >
> > Anyone have experience with Meade optics? Any contrary
> > recommendations?
>My results with Meade optics have been stellar. {8^D I have
>an 8 inch catadiopteric with an equitorial mount and motor drive.
>Hey Russell, youre a local arent you? e me offlist, make arrangements
>while Jupiter and Saturn are high, as in the next couple months,
>come by and Ill set it up. Robert Bradbury is coming to town
>next week, we could do it then. spike

Sounds cool to me; I'm copying exi-bay (which is why I'm
not pruning all the quoted material above).

Maybe we can make a local star viewing party of it?


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