Re: What does the future look like?

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Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 21:58:07 MST

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> My wife recently announced that she is going to have a baby...


Now, if you're following the Doomsday Bug thread, you might be considering
some extra bio-insurance. It just might give this baby a bit of a buffer to
handle the next naughty Aussie mite that's looning in the shadows.
[Today, if a "back-up" blood or immune system is needed due to damage from
chemotherapy or other environmental factors, these stored stem cells are
immediately available and require less stringent matching than bone marrow.]

Of course the baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells would provide the
perfect (autologous) match. And as a bonus, they'd be readily available for
other family members. is another cord blood bank that is highly reputable and worth
researching. A lead time of 2-3 months before the delivery date is
preferred. Also, it makes a rather nice, tho a tad unconventional, baby gift

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