Re: Nuke weapon/reactor/waste horror story links?

From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 18:00:38 MST

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>Well, actually, there's density--or atomic weight, if
>you will. Now of course, lead shielding is quite
>likely to screw this up--but the lead shielding would
>have only some easily penetrable covering--wood, thin
>metal, etc.--both of which can be "seen through" with
>current technologies, though mind you I'm not saying
>that can (or can't) be done by satellite. Simply
>detecting lead shielding would be a tip-off, depending
>upon context. So, just to throw another wild Q--might
>it be possible to pick it up that way--detection of
>heavy elements in unusual places? Some tech analogous
>to GPR, perhaps? (Though yes, I realize GPR itself is
>john marlow

Density is easily foxed - simply support the bomb, and it's shielding,
inside a larger container such that the density of the whole thing is
within expected ranges.

We have whole-truck X-ray systems now - did you see the radiograph of the
truck in Europe that had a secret compartment with smuggled illegal aliens
in the back? It was in the papers here recently...

Neutron activation can detect elements - that's one way of detecting nitro
based explosives, from the nitrogen return signals (gamma?)

Terahertz "radar" can see through dielectric materials, but would be
useless against a steel container...

The biggest problem is that for any present tech, there are ways of masking
or swamping out the characteristics which shout "nuke".

Chuck Kuecker

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