Re: Homework, was Re: Goo You--was Re: Nuke weapon/reactor/waste horror story links?

Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 11:53:53 MST

John Marlow, <>, writes regarding Freitas' "Ecophagy" paper:
> I'm reading it now. The science is good, obviously,
> and I'm not all the way through it, but holes appear
> in the first few paragraphs. For example--the comment
> that a stealth buildup would take 20 mo to accomplish
> and that a more rapid buildup would be detected,
> thereby enabling defenses to be deployed.
> Yah, right.
> WHAT defenses? The basic problem, of course, is that
> you really need a nanodefense--and that you can't
> possibly develop one until (as Drexler has pointed
> out) the tech is already here.

We critiqued this paper last spring. You can start with my posting at and follow the
"next in thread" links to read most of it.


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