Re: Nan Madol

Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 09:37:51 MST

Dave Sill wrote:

> Not a single response. Hmm. OK, maybe I *have* been under a rock and
> everyone's just too polite to point that out. Yeah, right. :-)

Nan Madol was new at least to me. Interesting culture.
> Or maybe nobody here cares about archaeology. We're more future oriented
> than past oriented, right? Well, yeah, but we're smart enough to realize
> that the past has valuable lessons.

I'm not sure. Cultures don't last forever, but it's hardly new, and it
is not obvious that we're going to crash.
> Maybe everyone's too busy working riddles. But Nan Madol is real world
> riddle whose solution would benefit mankind, not just boost the egos of

You are not referring to the magic which made the basalt monoliths
fly through air, are you?

> those who can solve it.
> I'm stumped. I can't figure out why nobody else seems to care...

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