Re: Let the hype Begin!

Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 23:21:36 MST

Well, I liked the idea about the hover board from the end of the article.
Sounds like fun, but maybe not too practical...


> The idea of using compressed air, stored in a light
> container to create a kick board without wheels. The
> bottom is a smooth surface which bends slightly to take
> advantage of a "floor" that the base of the board
> dances on. Speed and direction are controlled by a
> computer which determines which small holes at the bottom
> of the boards base are turned on and which are not. Think
> of a typical air hockey game at an arcade.
> No wasted energy, no special equipment and zero pollution
> fit the descriptions suggested in the article.
> To get a refill (re-fit buildings and cities) you simply
> pop in a reusable cartridge and like a Co2 gun,
> off you go flying on less than an 1/8 off the special
> smooth surface designed assist in control.. like a hot
> wheels track built into the surface areas.
> The larger version would look like a small flying saucer
> turned up side down and again fit into a special surface
> track which is designed for higher speeds and larger
> payloads.

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