Re: `molecular resonance sequencing': trick or treat?

From: John Clark (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 22:59:45 MST

mez <>

> Hmmm. Anyone know if Mobious Genomics is publicly traded? I can't find a
> stock ticker symbol for them.

I Googled Mobious Genomics and got very few responses, nothing very interesting.
If Google doesn't know much then I don't feel so dumb that I've never heard of them.
This company is Obscure with a capital O. I went to and saw a lots of flash and
lots of stuff about how wonderful their technology is, but no hint as to what it actually is.
That doesn't seem to me the way your average genius who has just made a fundamental
breakthrough would tend to act, but I could be wrong.

         John K Clark

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