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Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 20:05:51 MST

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>>>>From: Harvey Newstrom <>
>>>Presumably, if all gun laws are rewritten to protect second
>>>amendment rights, the NRA would disband with their goals achieved.
>>>Only the extremists would want to keep the organization alive
>>>beyond its stated goals. To the extremists, the organization, the
>>>cause, and the struggle become more important than the people, the
>>>objective and the success of the fight.
>>I would hope they remain as they began - an organization dedicated
>>to furthering safety, education and skill in shooting and an
>>advocate for all who enjoy the sport.
>>The NRA originally was similar to amateur radio - to provide a pool
>>of trained individuals in case of national need.
>Good enough.
That would be fine if it were true, as it once was; however, it is not true any more, and has not been for some time now. The NRA has unfortunately been hijacked by their extremist wing and subjugated to their jihadistically antigovernment agenda, much as the antiabortion movement, the pro-choice movement, the Republicans, the Democrats, etc. As far as "in case of national need" goes, this nation does not need its public servants demonized as 'jackbooted government thugs" in extremist-fund-and-membership-soliciting NRA mass-mail blurbs. George Bush Sr., George W.'s father didn't think so, either - that calumny motivated him to resign his NRA membership. Remember wht an NRA spokesman said: "We have the people, and in the end, we have the guns." Locked and Loaded and Marching Onward As To Holy War, anyone?
>Harvey Newstrom <>

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