Can you say "troll"?

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 19:32:20 MST

I thought you could.

Listen, folks, it's obvious that "Joe Dees" has an issue
with emotional control. Don't bother wasting your time
trying to reason with him; he doesn't seem to have reasoned
himself *into* the position he's taken. James Rogers
made the most concise statement with respect to
Mr. Dees' apparent emotional stability.

I say this with sincere respect to those much more
levelheaded list members who, while they may not (yet <wink>)
agree with my opinions on RKBA matters, have for the most
part not engaged
in the myriad of ad hominen attacks characteristic of
Joe Dees (argumentum ad hominen being only the most
prevalent of the fallacies employed by Mr. Dees).

Pro-RKBA list members: you're not going to change the
guy's mind. Most of us here have at least some degree
of respect for the the most fundamental human right, the
right of self defense. Consider it a given and move on.

So, then, that having been said, why not argue the
*important* issues... like why Glocks are _obviously_
superior all-around combat arms for Extropians
than SIGs, H&K, or Kimbers?


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