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> writes:<< Oh, and after that: "eternal
> vigilance"... which takes on enhanced meaning when you're an immortalist.
> Russell >>
> Russell,
> That was very good. That also takes on another meaning when one is
> letting a anti-gun extremist know that incrementalism ain't going to work.
> BTW, I like to write romantic poetry for the lady of my life. That in
> turn has taught me to listen to words and phrasology. Have you notice that
> "semi-automatic has became a pejorative. It automatically conveys "beyond
> the pale" without further explanation?
> Consequently, it has become one of those key phrases that alerts me it is
> about time to go to war.
> Ron h.

There was a funny semantic analysis of the way that the media calls any
gun it sees now 'semi-automatic', as in 'semi-automatic revolver and
'semi-automatic bolt action rifle', as seen in the media coverage of the
Wakefield shooting. To wit:

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Now now, let's not pick on the media. They're only doing their job of
confounding and confusing the issues with words.

The word automatic, which goes back to the Greek word automatos, means:
"acting of one's own will, self-acting, of itself,"

I guess that means that an automatic weapon will shoot of its own
Holy Shit, Maynard! Start the presses! Automatic weapons have a mind
their own and pull their own triggers! I always knowed them things was

And the prefix "semi" means: "resembling or having some of the
characteristics of." That would mean that semi-automatics are
"semi-conscious" and only pull their own triggers from time to time and
without much forethought. I find this very frightening and wonder why
press hasn't picked up on this. I'd best go unload all of my guns so
don't up and kill someone on their own!

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