Re: Riddles (was: Lateral Thinking)

From: James Wetterau (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 10:26:37 MST

"Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
> ...
> You could also do this with the set of all primes divvied by
> (n^2)-1 and (n^2)+1 primes. ...

Huh? First I'll assume you mean (2^n)-1 and (2^n) + 1. Even so, in
which box would you put, say, 11 and 13? If you actually mean the
formula you wrote, 7 and 11 are the first two missing.

BTW, my take on the box riddle was to think: "OK, I'm sitting in my
apartment, a locked box. I have here the key to it. What would
happen if I locked that key in another box, say my desk, and kept the
key to my desk in my pocket?" Answer: no problem!


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