Re: Nuke weapon/reactor/waste horror story links?

From: John Marlow (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 02:38:41 MST

**See below.

--- John Clark <> wrote:
> john marlow <> Wrote:
> > nukes can be tracked, perhaps even by
> satellite,
> No way!

**At a guess, I'd say Yes Way.

> >by rad emissions,
> If you were 5 feet away you might be able to detect
> emissions, but I
> don't see how you could tell if they were coming
> from something harmless
> or not, medical isotopes for example.

**Medical isotopes do not travel outward from former
Soviet states, follow obscure backroads, or reside for
extended periods in areas lacking sophisticated
medical equipment. The emissions signature is also
quite different.

> >making use difficult.
> I wish that were true.

**What makes you think it's not? Let's say it's
happened--an attempt which was thwarted. Perhaps more
than one. Do you really think the gov't is going to
call a press conference and say, "Well, gee, you know,
this bunch of loonies almost blew up New York--but we
got there in the nick of time..?"

**Not likely.

> >Also, any party employing a backpack nuke must
> fear massive retaliation
> >from the target nation.
> But that's the big advantage a backpack nuke has
> over a ICBM, you won't know
> where it came from, all you'll know is that Denver
> no longer exists.

**Assuming it wasn't being tracked the whole time. See

john marlow

> John K Clark

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