RE: Extremism

From: Jerry Mitchell (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 18:16:20 MST

I should have never started this topic I see now. I have changed my mind and
decided to pursue moderation in all issues in my life from here on, dump any
firm principles I may have held. I will become for lack of a better term, an
extremist for moderation! As outlined below here though (which brother
Harvey so clearly points out), we see the "extremist" are trying to take
their efforts in a direction! "We" on the other hand will do the same thing
and simply designate the center point of any scale to be the "right"
position and will strive toward that. Yes, the center may sound as arbitrary
as the other choices (since we don't believe in principles anymore), but we
have the power of the masses and the bell curve of beliefs on our side.
Their may be more principled people out there, but we can use our numbers to
justify our cause. We will exclude the fringe not because of the truth or
the falseness of their ideas, but because they are fringe! I mean it worked
for the National Socialist party in Germany right?

>Harvey wrote:
> >My take on "extremism" is that extremists try to go as far as possible in
one direction or the other. I think the real answer is always somewhere in
the middle.

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