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Anders Sandberg wrote:

> "Ross A. Finlayson" <> writes:
> > Well, the ends of the nerves have reaction to the other nerve endings, as
> > opposed to anywhere along the nerve, generally. So, like a coaxial cable, you
> > could put a new dendrite on the end of a nerve, or put a connecting dendrite
> > that just forwarded messages to the original length and input of the nerve.
> This is how you would like to do it, but in reality electric
> stimulation of nerves usually is done by jolting the nerve through a
> ring or pair of plates around it. In brain stimulation point or
> needlelike electrodes are used to locally stimulate neurons, likely by
> their cell bodies or close dendrites.
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I remember hearing about the guy with the frog hundreds of years ago who was able to
"reanimate" the frog by stimulating its dead nerves with electrodes. Today, there
are incredibly more refined methods, not to mention understanding of the reasoning
behind the experiement.

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