Re: headless horseman

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 22:43:38 MST

> Spike Jones writes: >But could a
> > body theoretically be kept "alive" without a head? ...
> >
> Anders Sandberg wrote: I think it is doable. The heart can manage on its
> own fairly well
> (people survive having the vagus nerve cut...The most obvious problem is
> lack of hormonal control from the pituitary;...I guess that it might be
> more work than its worth...

More work than it is worth? Curious comment, considering the value
of transplant organs. Currently nonideal tissue matches are used
because of timing considerations. When a sack of organs becomes
available, the patients that get the organs are often those who are
closest or most available, not those whose tissues are the best match
or whose need is the most dire.

Altho the whole notion carries a huge squick-factor, seems to me
a relatively straightforward medical procedure and some reasonably
basic equipment could keep a headless body going for several days,
long enough to locate and fly in the best candidates for the organs. spike

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