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Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 18:32:20 MST

>From: Sabine Atkins <>

>Just came back from watching the first great movie of this year: Traffic.
>Great story, photography, acting - and a wonderful soundtrack.
>Make sure that you don't miss this movie.

Yes, great movie. The best thing about it was its propaganda value for the
futility of the war on drugs. There have been movies that touched on this
before, but this movie did something really important: it put real real
lawmakers in cameo roles. This means that a large percentage of lawmakers
will see it (because everyone wants to see a movie if their friend/coworker
is in it). Sodenbergh understands memetic warfare.

I found it amusing that Utah Senator and local retard Orrin Hatch (who
appeared in the movie) says he supports the film's anti-drug message.
Apparently he saw a different movie then I did. I would provide a link but
Friday's edition of the Salt Lake Tribune is offline right now. If it's up
later, try and look in the Friday (1/5/01) edition.

A much better movie about drugs (and one which does concentrate primarily on
an anti-drug message) is Requiem For a Dream. It's still in theaters right
now, but only in some cities, and it's the best movie of 2000 by a longshot.

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