Re: CULTURE: Chicago Tribune on Futurists (Includes Extropians)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 21:30:19 MST

> > > I think my grandparents are going to make it.
> >
> > I sincerely hope they do, Eleizer. {8-] spike
> >
> "J. R. Molloy" wrote: I don't know... it could be the greatest holocaust
> ever.

My reasoning goes thus: since silicon based intelligence and carbon
based intelligence have different diets and different habitats. I have
a notion that emotion is seated in intelligence. Super intelligence
then means super emotions, and so... I hope this is how it works...
a super AI would love us. It (or they) would see how it (or they)
and humans could work together, help each other, etc. There
is no reason why we and Si-AI should be enemies, since we
can coexist.

Another angle is this: a more advanced civilization has the luxury
of trying to protect and preserve wildlife. The western world
does this. Those societies where people are starving have little
regard for preserving wildlife, eh? So the AI would be a very
advanced civilization, and we would be the wildlife. Temporarily
that is, until we merge with the AI.

Of course this analysis could be wrong, we just dont know what
will happen. On the other hand, we *do* know exactly what
will happen if we fail to develop nanotech and/or AI. spike

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