The New Cognitive Neurosciences

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It's not really all that "new" (still using obsolete notions of "mind" and
"consciousness"), but according to Stephen G. Waxman, "Gazzaniga has
arrayed some of the world's leaders in one of the most exciting areas of
neuroscience -- cognitive neuroscience -- and has woven their
contributions into a comprehensive and well-documented, yet accessible and
provocative, overview. This book belongs on the shelf of any reader
interested in the brain and behavior."

The New Cognitive Neurosciences
Modeled on the classic Neuroscience Study Program volumes which helped
delineate an emerging field, this new reference documents and defines the
evolving field of cognitive neuroscience. The 92 original contributions
provide comprehensive coverage--from the molecular level right up to human
conscious experience--of the relationship between the structural and
physiological mechanisms of the brain/nervous system and the psychological
reality of mind. The volume is divided into 11 sections: molecular and
cellular plasticity, neural and psychological development, sensory
systems, strategies and planning--motor systems, attention, memory,
language, thought and imagery, emotion, evolutionary perspectives, and
The Cognitive Neurosciences by M.S. Gazzaniga is an exhaustive (and I mean
exhaustive) collection of articles representing major theories in each
field of cognitive neuroscience. The book focuses on cognitive
neuroscience as opposed to something like neuropsychopharmacology or
neuroanatomy. It also weighs a ton and a paperback version would be most
welcome. Being comprehensive, there is a good deal of depth, but not the
kind of depth you'd see in a text on a specific area (e.g., memory). That
being said, this is the high-mark for this kind of comprehensive book. My
favorite book in the area. --Stephen Cox
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