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Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 03:10:39 MST

From: "Steve Nichols" <>
> OK, I can see that for some philosophy provides entertainment
> of a sort ..... but why shouldn't it compete in the marketplace for
> funds like jazz does rather than relying off state support?

That's a philosophical question, Steve... "you get what you pay for," and
all that jazz.

> What I think I dislike about philosophy is its pretension (but I don't
> most jazz either) and the arrogance of philosophers in claiming to
> have some 'overview' of other disciplines beyond the understanding
> of those who work in these other fields. An aesthetic dislike
> but I suspect the majority who pick up a journal of contemporary
> will, like myself, either throw up or soon fall asleep.

Booze and/or bad drugs will accomplish the same result. It gets
particularly messy when philosophers fall asleep before they vomit. Sartre
might have approved, since the existence of sleep preceding the essence of
puke loosely corresponds to the relationship he had with his girlfriend
Simone de Beauvoir.

Stay hungry,

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