Re: bridge of light, bridge of night

From: ct (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 00:39:01 MST

> Ah, those Matrioshka brains, they love to huddle in the dark.
> Astronomers have detected a bridge of matter extending from a galaxy,
> apparently, towards nothing.
> Astronomers believe that up to 90% of the Universe is made of non-luminous
> material that betrays its presence only through the action of its
> gravitational field. What this dark matter is remains a mystery.


a translation of a piece written by Hegel for Holderlin:

[For thought cannot grasp the soul which forgetting itself plunges out of
space and time into a presentiment of infinity and now reawakens. Whoever
wanted to speak of this to others, though he spoke with the tongues of
angels, would feel the poverty of words."]

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