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> I'm finally signing up with Alcor. (I'm just beginning the process) There is
> a list of insurance companies on their website, I was wondering if out of
> these listed, anyone has any recommendations:

Mary Naples did my insurance. At the time my, practice was devoted in large
measure to litigating screw-ups by life insurance companies and agents, so I
was particularly aware of the very good job Mary did in making disclosures,
explaining the product, offering reasonable alternatives and, generally,
being an exemplary personal finance professional. Since then she's proved to
be an EXTREME professional, on more than one occasion seeking my advice as an
attorney in problematic cases she was dealing with. I've never known an
insurance agent with such high ethics.

Beyond this, Mary may well be the most knowledgable person in the insurance
industry about Alcor and cryonics. She personally pushed through the
original underwriting of cryonics policies by NYL. She also happens to be a
very nice person.

Northwestern Mutual on the other hand . . . I'm surprised to see them on the
list. I have had a personal policy not related to cryonics for many years w/
NWM. When I began thinking of signing up for cryonics, I offered the
business to the agent who had written that first policy. He came back with
the news that NWM wouldn't write cryonics insurance (for a technical reason
that I found to be legally absurd). This was many years ago, so maybe
they've wised up.

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