Solo Brain: was[nanotech] the core issue

Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 23:39:58 MST

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> In the brain, you probably get similar rates
> of turnover in the proteins around the nucleus. Proteins and structures
> (e.g. mitochondria) in the axons or at the terminals would turnover
> on the order of days because it takes them that long to get transported
> up and down the axons

I dunno why..but this triggered a thought...a question really...

How far are we today from being able to keep a "naked" brain alive?

To put it another far away is a true cyborg?

Not knowing anything about anything...but it seems to me that brains would be
"relatively" easy to maintain....being made of only one (?) or two kinds of
cells it's nutrient requirements must be simplier than that of a whole

Just a thought..


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