How another list group reacted to Anders' story about racist transhumanists

From: john grigg (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 15:10:29 MST

As Anders requested I sent off his story to a list who could be considered
transhumanist 'racialists.' lol These were their reactions. By the way,
what is a 'jävla tönt'?


John Grigg

From: Gokce Altinbas <yellowheadgokce@h...>
Date: Wed Mar 29, 2000 7:00pm
Subject: A story...

It's definitely made up by some European.
In the US people are too confused to see racism in such simplistic light.
>I thought you would all enjoy this story written by my friend Anders
>Sandberg who is a transhumanist and also a researcher in the field of
>neurology in Sweden. I told him about this list and he asked that I send

From: jq <jfulton@w...>
Date: Wed Mar 29, 2000 8:21pm
Subject: Re: A story...

At 02:46 PM 3/29/00 -0800, you wrote:
>From: John Grigg alaska16@e...
>Hello everyone,

   hey Griggy! Long time no arrogant whine! ;>

   Nevertheless, it's nice to see anders et al. have an
   positive view of the future, seeing as how we're
   de-evolving into a less capable species due to righteous
   anti-eugenicists such as yourself, it's good to know
   you dont have any problem with your complicity in it.
   TRASH-humanists, striving together for a coercive utopia...

   BTW, swedes, espc. those not out of their "equiv" of
   graduate school, are not really know for their 'science'.
   'cocktail viruses' really, you should write for Star Trek.
   Of course, he COULD be an expert, as you say, with an
   awful publishing record. Most neurology experts have enough
   knowledge not to pander antisense oligonucleotide virus
   gene therapy (in the embryo!!) to anyone but true deludes
   such as yourself. Not their field, not yours either.

   Don't worry, you'll 'win' in the end, I only wish you could
   be around to see it. Trash-humanism.

   Be well,

From: Hans Larsson <herman_9_ad@y...>
Date: Thu Mar 30, 2000 10:28am
Subject: Re: A story

In Sweden, to the middle and the upper classes, race
issues are still on an academic level. I'd like to
check back on this person in a few years just to see
how he changed his mind. Tell yout friend he's a jävla

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