A cure for obesity (was 'a to-do list for the next century')

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 02:49:21 MST

Michael Lorrey wrote:
>The cure for obesity is making the tv only operable when an exercise
>machine is in operation...

Cynthia wrote:
>This is the kind of prejudice that has caused the problem of obesity >to be
>ignored and even blamed on the victim.

I read how in the U.S. Marine Corps the drill instructors call the very
obese recruits 'baby whales' and at the end of the 13 weeks these trainees
have lost weight and toned up quite alot due to the loving attention of
their instructors in making sure they get enough exercise and don't overeat.
;) Now, we have overweight yuppies paying former drill instructors good
money to give them the sort of ferociously loving attention most nineteen
year-olds dread. But of course it is not really the same thing.

I think a major reason in men and especially women for obesity is that they
see in the popular media all the 'beautiful people' who are models and so in
a state of frustration and despair they simply give up on exercising and
eating right since they feel they can never measure up to the cultural
ideals. And then they see those around them who are 'blessed' and sometimes
lord it over them, which only increases the downward spiral.

Often painful experiences in childhood and the teen years due to cruel peers
are pivotal in creating this negative body-image and resulting
self-destructive behavior pattern. I have seen this in many people I have
known in my own life. If only we could all learn to be content in simply
being the best we can be with what nature gave us, combined with proper
exercise and diet. The proper mental state is so key when it comes to
weight control.


John Grigg
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