Re: Surveilance was: Transhuman fascists?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 14:52:58 MST

Zero Powers wrote:

> >From: Dan Fabulich <>
> >
> > > Precisely! It would be mostly background useless streams of data, that
> >is
> > > until it was important to you. As I have (repeatedly) explained when
> > > someone accessed your data (or performed any act which your parameters
> > > establish as being important to you) you would be notified.
> >
> >This is *excessively* naive. How could you know if data was important or
> >not without analzying it? Important information doesn't come color-coded
> >in red, you know.
> Again, the technology is not yet in place so I do have difficulty describing
> it with minute particularity, but: You could set your own parameters. For
> instance my preferences list will say something like:
> "Notify me whenever:
> (1) someone accesses any of my banking data;

a couple thousand times a day your banking data is scanned by various agencies
and service bureaus checking on your credit and liquidity.

> (2) one of my listed sworn enemies

With the way you seem to disregard other people as you do here, I imagine this
list will become quite large. Moreover, your list only lists who YOU think are
your enemies. It does not list people who think that you are their enemy and
have not notified you of that fact.

> (a) purchases a weapon (b) comes within
> 200 yards of my person (c) comes within two blocks of my house (d) accesses
> any of my data or (e) speaks my name; and

ROTFLMAO! So all I need to do to bollux up your system is teach a bunch of
people with Tourette's Syndrome that your name is a scatological term..... he
he ;)

> (3) anyone is watching me by remote surveillance.

The parameters you describe seem simple. The amount of processing they require
is not. Your lack of appreciation for this fact is why your insistence is so
infuriating to those of us who DO have a good idea of how difficult this is.

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