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Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 02:58:41 MST

There's a big difference between health and longevity - both as goals and in
the implementation.....and who sees the primary benefits. health for all?
longevity for a few?


At 03:32 pm 03/28/2000 -0800, Kevin Kelly wrote:
>>Robert wrote:
>>When I do this analysis, I am forced to conclude that Natasha Vita-More
>>is absolutely correct. The boldest endeavors of the greatest value
>>would push issues of lifespan extension and technology for that
>>into the daily discussions of every person on the planet.
>> Fortune (March 27, 2000, pg 226), points
>>out that of the ~$35 Billion in VC that was invested in 1999,
>>the rankings related to health were: Health-care services(8th),
>>Medical devices (10th), Biotechnology(11th), and Pharmaceuticals
>>(17th; last). Pharmaceuticals received less money in 1999 than
>>it did in 1997. All of the health categories *combined* got less
>>funding than any of the top 5 catagories.
>As you point out, Robert, huge sums of money are already being diverted to
>health and longevity issues. In fact the desire for longevity is so obvious
>and the profits so sure, that it doesn't seem to me that anything other
>than the market is needed to make it happen. Do you feel that the
>marketplace is not going to provide the advances needed, and do you feel
>that a NGO could assign money to the correct labs that the market is not
>going to fund?
>I am not suggesting that health and longevity is not the highest priority;
>only that it is a priority already being served ( not perfectly) by
>investments. But there are other endeavors that are not being and won't be
>served by the market. These are the leverage points.
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