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> Or The Matrix is merely one more super simulation on the 13th Floor?
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I didn't see _The 13th Floor_, but I did see _The Matrix_. Fun enough,
now if only The Matrix's entire plot could have fulfilled its initial
promise of conspiracies, intrigues and plot twists. Instead, we got
virtual martial arts masters dodging bullets, with only the flashiness
of the special effects to save the movie from being another _Johnny
Mnemonic_ style dud. Say, when it comes to people dodging bullets, does
anyone remember how they played this in the old _New Avengers_ TV series
-- now, *there* was a show that could mix fantasy silliness with
surprising bits of realism! You can bet that super agent John Steed was
able to arrange a big "surprise" for the bullet dodging Russian guy in
one episode of *that* show, hehe.

As for fixing _The Matrix_' plot, it's not hard to imagine that the
"real" world of Morpheus and his heroes could have turned out to be just
as much unreal as the Matrix itself, or maybe even *less* real. I
presume that poor Morpheus would have been genuinely fooled. That seems
like a better emotional setup for the audience, if the most central
characters are fooled as much as the viewers, while if anyone would know
the actual truth it would have to be the mysterious, seldom seen Oracle.
Notice that when the freedom fighter heroes got killed in the Matrix,
they automatically died in the "real" world, kinda strange, unless of
course, Morpheus's world wasn't the real one after all. If you want to
toss some technical content into this, say that Morpheus' world was just
an encrypted patch or hidden module in the Matrix wiring diagram. The
freedom fighters would then be exposing their software selves every time
they re-entered the Matrix proper, or something like that. As for why,
how about the Matrix as a study session in psycho-history, a misguided
effort to save the *real* real world *before* some final collapse or
catastrophe? On second thought, nah, that'd never be Hollywood enough,
look for more "copper tops" in any coming sequel . . .

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