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Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 13:58:30 MST

Replicant 0101010101 wrote:
>>> both "good and bad are entirely subjective".
> "Objective values of good and bad exist, based on valuing of human life and
> happiness."
> Argue in favor of one or the other until you are blue in the face, but both
> will be true. writes:

> Not until you say:"Some things are considered good and bad subjectively,
> but there are some objective, universal thruths, to which all other
> things can be compared as a matter of relativity, or as subjective to
> those objcetive truths."

Wait, what did I have to say begin to have any effect on objective reality???
; - )
<<This cuts the knot.>>

Now who's being knotty?

>> At this point, anyone who
> still thinks all things are subjective looks foolish, because there ARE
> universal thruths: gravity, relativity, tanstaafl, etc.

Yes, exactly, all things being subjective is foolish, that's very easy to
see, and it's equally easy to see that anyone who says "my particular sense
of universal truth is objective" (mine: YOAGLETQFAFL*) looks equally foolish.

(*You Obviously Ain't Good Lookin' Enough To Qualify For a Free Lunch : )

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