Fwd/News: GHB and MJ-related death

From: Sasha Chislenko (sasha1@netcom.com)
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 01:27:40 MST

I am masking the name of the author of this message - enough
dead bodies.

The article calls GHB a "designer drug".
It belongs to schedule A now; was widely available as a supplement
until 1990, used for muscle-building and anti-depressant properties;
it is naturally produced in human body.

Did you vote for this government?

>Check out this story:
>Police used a "no-knock" warrant and raided the home of a well-known true crime author near Dallas.
>The warrant was for cultivation of marijuana.
>The police shot and killed the woman's son.
>3 pot plants were found, as well as GHB, GBL and instructions on how to make GHB.
>A number of legally registered guns were also found.
>It doesn't look as though the cops will face any charges.

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