Re: The Value of Extremists, or, "What's for Dinner"

From: M. E. Smith (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 10:24:12 MST

Travas Gunnell wrote:

> Anarchy has, in fact, taken hold in the past...
> The Mondragon Cooperatives are organized in an
> anarcho-syndicalist manner where the workers are

The hypothetical person has vanished to Tumbolia. I
tried to drag him out to respond, but he refused to
get involved, saying it was just an argument of
semantics. Something about "anarcho-syndicalism", (he
called it just "syndicalism") not being "anarchy" at
all, because there is a government.

I took it upon myself to look us "syndicalism" in a

> syn·di·cal·ism (s n d - k - l z m)
> n.
> A radical political movement that advocates bringing
> and government under the control of federations of
> unions by the use of direct action, such as general
> and sabotage.

It appears the imaginary person has a point. A
government by federation of labor unions is still a
government. (Sounds like a branch of communism to me.)

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