Re: Need Cancer Treatments

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 22:47:56 MST

*I know there is a lot of research just around the bend. You may want to try
looking into antiangiogenesis, (keeps tumors from building blood vessels to
supply them with nutrients) however, I don't know what phase it is currently
in. It may be in the experimental stage, but I haven't been keeping up. I do
see however that there are some clinical trials (and contact info for each)
listed at this url:
*You can also do a search dictating the specific type of cancer and type of
clinical trial you are looking for within your area at:
My thoughts are with you,
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> Hey Everyone
> My sister has breast cancer and now it's spread to her ribs and
> the spine and the doctor says the clock is really ticking now so we're
> really
> looking for any kind of last hope here some kind of experimental treatment
> or
> something. Does anyone know of ANYTHING that can help us out here?
> Something that may offer some hope. One last Hail Mary. Any information
> will be *greatly* appreciated.
> Thank You So Much To Anyone Who Contributes, Eric

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