Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 10:47:19 MST

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > > Just because I oppose the initiation of aggression
> >
> > Then do you not oppose the Brancn Davidians for firing first? We all saw it.
> I saw no such thing, and neither did you. All we saw was what the
> press reported, and what they were allowed to film. If you claim that
> this was enough for you to judge who shot first, you must be psychic.

Yes, and the famous footage of atf swat team members getting shot at on the roof
through the walls has been explaind. Apparently one of the poorly trained ATF swat
team members that was on the roof threw a flash bang into the room where two or
three members had already penetrated. When it went off, it blinded and startled
them, being unprepared, and they were firing in all directions, including through
the walls at their own men on the roof. Freindly fire.


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