Re: American Imperialism (Roman and Greek slaves)

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 06:54:59 MST

It appearsas if john grigg <> wrote:
|I have heard of Greek texts that described in detail how a master should
|treat a slave and even respect slave family structure. In terms of the
|Greeks though, the question is, which city-state's slave would you be?
|Being a slave in Sparta could be a terrifying thing with regular bouts of
|terror and murder to maintain a strong environment of fear.

I wouldn't want to have been _anything_ in Sparta. Remember the old story
about a Spartan boy who had stolen an animal (dog? wolf?) and was questioned
but released because they could not proof him stealing the animal. After the
guy(s) left the boy fell down dead, because he had concealed the animal in
his clothes and the animal had bitten him fatally during the questioning,
and he could not cry out. This was seen as good behaviour by Spartans.
Humans don't cry.

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