Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 01:35:53 MST

At 11:15 PM 03/21/2000 -0800, James Swayze wrote:
>Ian Goddard wrote:
>> Just because I oppose the initiation of aggression
>Then do you not oppose the Brancn Davidians for firing first? We all saw
it. I'm
>tired of all the rehashing it. Enough already!

   IAN: There's no evidence that the Davidians fired
   first. There's nothing to which you could refer by
   saying "we all saw it." Carol Moore, a Waco research
   and author, sums up this matter as such: "Evidence
   provided during the trial did not answer definitively
   the question of who shot first or where in the front
   of the building." She also cites this important fact:

 "Entry team member [ATF] agent Rolland Ballesteros, the
 first to arrive at the front door, gave trial testimony
 different from his statements to Texas Rangers and Waco
 police right after the raid. He told Rangers that he
 thought agents shooting at the Davidians' dogs fired the
 first shot. At trial he changed his story and testified
 that the Davidians shot first through the front door,
 'ambushing" them.'"

   One of the two metal double front doors that could
   have answered the "fired first" question disappeared
   after the fire. A Texas State Trooper testified that
   he saw what may have been that door being taken away
   shortly after the fire. He also said that he overhead
   FBI agents talking about a gunfight in the rear of
   the Center (exactly as the FLIR video indicates).
   The fact is not in dispute is that David Koresh,
   unarmed, opened the front door and ended up getting
   shot in the hand and side there, at the front door.
   Think about it, on its face this strongly suggests
   that he was shot as he opened the door, unarmed,
   and thus that they opened fire on him. How does
   it fit into the Davidians "ambushing" the ATF
   by having their leader walk up to them unarmed?

   "There are times when you cannot keep your job and
  put alternative explanations for data on the table."
   Former FBI Special Agent Dr. Frederic Whitehurst


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