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When I was 14, and living at a mission school at Puraquequara, Amazonas,
Brasil, a classmate (Jim Orr, who is still a missionary) and I, caught
<---euphamism for killed, a spider that was 12 inches across. We got a
photo of it, before the ants got to it.

Rick S
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Skye wrote:
I had an emporer scorpion once that I kept as a pet...
Pandinus Imperator, seven foot long,

A scorpion seven-feet long! Wow!! Did you stick a leash on it and take it
for walks?

When Mike Lorrey and I are co-producers of our "Ultimate Hardcore Robot
Wars" show we are going to need some of these seven-foot long scorpions to
help jazz up the show!

best wishes,

John Grigg :)

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