Re: Luddites are everywhere!

From: Peter C. McCluskey (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 09:13:18 MST (Robin Hanson) writes:
>Btw, I find it curious people are shocked to find that they might agree
>with something Kaczynski wrote. Would they be shocked if Kaczynski had
>written that the sun will rise tomorrow, or that computers will get cheaper?
>Why must a person who does evil things be wrong about everything?

 The obvious hypothesis is that people who are unwilling to listen to
Kaczynski's arguments will more reliably reject his dangerous ideas.
I.e. people who are quick to point out that they disagree with him are
either admitting they can't be trusted to distinguish between the reasonable
arguments that Kaczynski makes and the unreasonable ones, or (more likely?)
that they don't have enough of a reputation for reasonableness that others
can know whether they can be so trusted.

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