Re: FW: Another reason to burn your census form

From: KPJ (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 05:50:31 MST

|Perhaps, but two points. One, I'd rather not rely on the incompetence of
|any government to make sure I'm free. Two, the US government is not a
|foreign invader (it behaves like one internally and externally, but its, for
|we who live here, our own homegrown fascist state) and has a long time to
|perfect its policies. The Nazis didn't have that luxury.

One: For me it felt natural to conclude that one should avoid unnecessary
     data shadows, since those who believe themselves the ``government''
     will surely use that data against oneself.

Two: Apparently those who call themselves ``government'' in the ``USA'' area
     have not perfected their methods, considering the fact that they started
     the so called ``War on Drugs'' and have consistently lost it against
     low technology types. The Norwegian nazis simply reused the old data
     collected by the previous people which called themselves ``government''.

To stop the spies doing the puzzle, keep your piece.

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