Re: Waco Test Shows "OBVIOUS GUNFIRE"

From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 11:38:06 MST

James Swayze wrote:

> Ian Goddard wrote:
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> > FBI critics claim that FLIR video taken over Waco reveals
> > automatic gunfire into the community on the last day. The...

> Your point?
> James
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> "Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas"

How about this:

If the Waco recreation shows that FLIR pickup of infrared output from gun
muzzles is evidence of those guns' firing, which FLIR experts have
previoulsy said it is, then government officials have lied to the public
regarding aspects of the death of more than four-score men, women, and
children who were citizens.

If these citizens under siege were shot and killed by other citizens
under government orders as they attempted to escape the burning building,
which was ignited somehow, then the first group of citizens are dead, and
the second group murderers.

If government officials have been alleged to have lied, then they have
been alleged to have broken the law, and should be arraigned.

It is plain enough that any officials that can be expected to have made
decisions resulting in the untried death penalty of these citizens should
receive the same punishment, but this is not a fundamentalist Islamic
country so instead they should be reprimanded, fired, and put in jail,
those being government officials that ordered murder or tacitly allowed
it, and at least the titular head of the irresponsible agency or

It kind of has some things to do with freedom of information act.
Perhaps we should have a separate government agency hold in escrow
volatile government agency transcripts, to protect the agency and us as

I have been doing some small reading of freedom of information act
information as I want the one form where I can order from all agencies at
once or to pick and choose from a list of all agencies that store

Well, the Mt. Carmel near Waco incident was more than five years ago,
those people are dead forever. They died under government siege. It's
none of my business beyond citizenry membership and thus dislike of
government sieges, it's for the courts to establish precedence of
bringing criminal charges against the irresponsible members of the ATF
and FBI and other related agencies.

Now, as this is a free country and innocence is presupposed, I do want to
make it clear that I see the need for a trial of those circumstances.

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