Re: ANNOUNCE: Kurzweil/Moravec Symposium: "Will Spiritual RobotsReplace Humanity by 2100?"

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 17:28:08 MST

> Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> >> Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity by 2100?"
> >
> Doug Jones wrote: Verrry interestink...
> I think I might drive up from Mojave for this one.

Doug if ya do, lets try to gather an extrocrowd and do dinner
or something. I suspect there might be several local
extropian minded types that make the scene for this.
Its on a Saturday, so afterwards maybe we can go do one
of the local eating establishments or something, or if its
your pleasure get into a bar fight. I volunteer to be the
designated non-combatant, drive the getaway car, provide
the bandages, etc. Or go do the local massive electronics
superstore, or hang out at Stanford or maybe you have
suggestions? Unfortunately Nasa Ames isnt [I dont think]
open for tours of the wind tunnel on weekends. spike

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