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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 14:22:48 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> > From: Spike Jones <>, Thu, 16 Mar 2000
> > >Mars would be good for an isosynchronous cable tho.
> >
> > Amara Graps wrote: ??!! Really? Why?
> Less mass. About a tenth the Earth's as I recall.
> > Did you forget about Phobos?
> No. Thats where we are gonna get the raw materials.
> I think Deimos is higher than synchronous, but is still
> a problem for the cable, since the center of mass is
> at synchronous, so it continues to stretch out into space
> and into the path of Deimos.

Kim Stanley Robinson had the idea that you use Deimos as an anchor and

> Do you know their inclination with the equatorial plane?
> > Do you have a plan to move Phobos' orbit?
> Ja, that thing's gotta go. Out. {8^D Amara I realize
> I am making light of a verrry difficult task, but recall that
> the discussion started with theoretical strength calcs
> for an earth synchronous cable, and my contention
> is that with materials we have now, we are not there
> yet. With Mars, we might have materials that are
> just strong enough.

BUild a mass driver on phobos and start flinging off mass. You'll move
that thing in a relatively short amount of time

> The earth has a major low-satellite problem for
> space cable fans. We have a lotta stuff down
> there. I admit it never occurred to me that Mars
> has a dust ring.

Ja, and you can't use a cow catcher on a space cable...

> > Therefore, your tower in Mars synchronous orbits looks to me that it
> > is in a bit of danger from Phobos and its hypothetical ring.
> Ja. Well, maybe this whole notion really isnt a go. {8-[
> Damn. Unless we can figure out a way to clean up all
> that space dust. spike

Operation Vacu-suck.... Call in the boys from Space Balls.

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