Re: American Imperialism?

From: Octavio Rojas Diaz (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 01:07:43 MST

> Many comments, Octavio. I would prefer to see what others have
> say before respond.

Me too, I am interested in receiving input from both us and non
us citizens, and compare the differences of opinion

> But you have said precisely what everyone abroad who has
> actually EXPERIENCED the effect of Corporate Imperialism
> [we euphemistically refer to it the was you did, as "American
> Interests" a P.R. triumph for corporate America] will say if
> they feel they can speak candidly.

And yes here we feel the effects of corporate capitalism a lot.

Thanks to greedy corporations and a corrupt government our country.
That has an ample territory, endless natural resources, and a key
position, we are the bridge between north and latin america and now
we are also the bridge between Europe, Asia and the usa, and
our country and economy has been modernizing at a giant step, however
our economy hasn't fulfilled it's potencial yet, because nobody cares
about the needs or desires of our population, everybody just wants to
get rich quick, and they manipulate our economy to fill their needs
and U.S. Corporate world plays a big role on this.

For example, now they say that with maquiladoras, they are creating
jobs in our country and although it is true, a worker here earns a
lot less than what it's American equivalent and people stills
want to enter to the usa illegally, but most illegal just find
that the American dream is about being hidden the entire day
to avoid getting caught, to suffer the abuses of border patrol
officers, and several other things, however corporations wouldn't
dare to raise the wages in Mexico to be more competitive.

And I'm sure that all the talk about how the ilegal immigrants just
live from welfare, or don't pay taxes has more political/economical
interests than concerns about them. Specially when you want to sell
at competitive prices and you want to pay low wages, we now have a
NAFTA, but a lot of Mexican products are still banned
in the U.S. Due to several interests, and with the most ludicrous
excuses, they are a lot less restrictive with our products in Europe
and European countries are usually more conservative in the
they place to foreign products.

Now they made piracy a serious crime, and the penalties are getting
tougher, and while is true that piracy here runs rampant, it also
does in the U.S. (and everybody who been in #warez or downloaded
a crack knows) but corporations insist we are the bad guys who
steal intelectual property, however nobody mentions we don't have
the same percapita income of the U.S. Or western European nations.

And well speaking of the drug issue, it is true the mafias are
operating in our country, but they were created and protected
by our governments, most of the production is intended for the
American market, and obviously it is a big money generator
so legalization is out of the question. Besides it is a very
useful tool to sanction us economically or to mention us when
people in the united states complain about real problems. And
yet most candidates and notably the main opposition candidate
who likes to mention extropic values. And how is he going to
modernize our country, said the other week that drugs are
the cancer of our society, they turn normal people into
criminals, and the usual antidrug propaganda people likes to
use, however they never mention that a lot of substances
are less harmful for your health than alcohol or tobacco, and
how wiser countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland or Australia
are beginning to relax their drug laws.

Well I could rant on eternally and if we mention other countries
this post would be longer than the whole anti gun vs pro gun debate
so I hope this brief mention of a person that since has born has
seen and been a victim of this kind of manipulation, will inform
those who can help us the most, the American citizen that begins
to notice it's government is doing everybody more good than bad
with it's oppression to other less powerful countries, and that

those crazy, hippies/libertarians/extropians/communists/insert
your name here have more reason than what they thought.

> Your post is precisely what is MOST needed for the education
> of naive American public opinion.

> May I congratulate you for your honesty?

> Best wishes,

> Bob

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