Eliezer vrs. Otter

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 16:33:19 MST

Hal wrote:
Economic growth and technical progress is driving us forward regardless of
what these two people decide. Given the complexity of the world and the
range of talents and abilities that exist, the notions that one or the other
of them is going to become or create the first Power is simply a fantasy.
Our future is not in the hands of these two, but depends on the industrial,
academic and military research being performed in thousands of labs all over
the world.

Our future is most likely not in the hands of these two, but I wish to say
that I believe Eliezer deserves to have a patron/investor who would fund his
seed AI project. So much money in this world is simply squandered and I
would like to see some (ten million of it) go his way. Eliezer deserves to
at least have a fighting chance to achieve his goal. These are just empty
words because I lack the money but if I had the necessary wealth I would
fund him. The irony is that I have a great uncle (who I have no contact
with) who could at least in part.

He might just be onto some lines of thought that could bring forth powerful
AI a number of years before we would normally have it. This could literally
save humanity if a dangerous nano were released on the world and human
researchers simply did not have the time needed to find a solution. A very
powerful AI would have a fighting chance to save the day.

I often wonder why list members who are so educated, intelligent and
forward-looking are not extremely rich technology tycoons! lol I still
think one of you should have invented Ebay! There must be factors like
burning ambition, extreme inventiveness and being in the right place at the
right time that are missing. Perhaps eventually, we will have some stellar
successes. I hope so. Don't forget Eli or the Extropian Institute when you
get there.


John Grigg

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