Re: A nutkettle calling a pot a nut.

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 05:52:27 MST wrote:

> joedees replies to someone bored or stupid enough to reply to him at all:
> << if you're in favor of granting criminals and the insane packing
> privileges. Moreover, it qualifies you as a nutcase yourself (which
> is probably why you wanna preserve their packing privileges. >>
> I'd go for packing both these nuts in a tin and mailing them off to Tauceti
> ; )
> This thread is like any plague or pestulence, it keeps the population of the
> list down. The problem is -- who leaves and who stays?

I think you are over-reacting a bit, Daniel. Like myself, I'm sure
you are at least a passive member of many Forums, Newsgroups,
Communities etc. And the fact is, to my knowledge the Extropian
Forum is the liveliest list in town, with the possible exception of
the SETI people at

So -- late at night, staring at a monitor, bored but too tired to
begin any meaningful project, all of us at one time or another just
ventilate, amuse ourselves with our own whimsy, take ourselves
too seriously on purpose. Who's watching at 03:47:12 -0500 [EST]?
Who cares?

I mean, sincerely, is any real harm done if these guys have a good
time pretending to hate each other?

I'll tell you what: if you REALLY disagree with me, write and I will
auto-convert to your point of view. Fair enough?


Robert M. Owen
The Orion Institute
57 W. Morgan Street
Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA

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