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> > This makes it sound like that phase is over. America appears to be very
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> But me looooove being imperialist!

Seriously, what territories have you acquired lately that were
worth the effort. Sure, it's good politics to conquer Western
Europe, write your version of "The Gallic Wars", cross the
Rubicon and trip on a narcissistic high at each "Hail Spudboy".

What's coming are the Huns, the Vandals, the Goths and the
Visigoths, and worst of all, the knife twisted by your best
friend. Is this not an adequate metaphor for "The Wages of

In my miserable little protectorate, we just lost the entire
Southern Extropian flank. No, I didn't have the messenger
killed -- why bother? He already looked like a zombie.

I still have one prerogative -- "cuius regio eius religio" and,
by Jupiter, everyone has bent their knee to my latest cult--
"Transrationalism", or representing non-ideographically the
Unknowable by means of the known. I really like it, and
they will too, once they get used to it.

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