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Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 14:41:29 MST

Joe Dees wrote:
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> >"Joe E. Dees" wrote:
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> >> Without an easily accessible purchase-prohibited registry which
> >> must be checked prior to sale, such laws are unenforceable,
> >> especially as regards to violent criminals who have done their time,
> >> and MOST especially as to violent repeat offenders who have
> >> served their sentences, but also including those who have
> >> restraining orders issued against them, and the incompetent or
> >> insane.
> >
> >If they have done their time, and are rehabilitated, they are no longer
> >a threat to society, so once their parole period is up, give them back
> >their rights. If they are a threat, don't let them out of prison. This
> >is such a simple concept.
> >
> >Mike Lorrey
> >
> Then you are on record as advocating life without possibility of parole for anyone convicted of using a gun in a crime?

If they have been ajudged by a parole board to no longer be a threat to
society, then give them back their rights. If they remain a threat to
society, then lock them away for keeps, or at least until a parole board
does make a rehabilitated decision.

Mike Lorrey

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